Amanda Pearcy 'Royal Street' - Self-Release

This Texas raised artist delivers her second collection of songs and a very impressive set it is too. With the persona of a fragile, sensitive and worldly weary traveller; Amanda sings of broken hearts, having lost in love and lines on her face that keep getting older. However, there is real depth and experience of life in these songs and there are many fine examples of her beautiful words;

The story of my Heart

Is so much more than a photo in a locket

Shot of whiskey,

Pool stick chalk

Eight ball in the corner pocket   

Excellent writing and there is also much to recommend the song arrangements and production of Tim Lorsch.  All words and music are credited to Amanda with the exception of a superb cover of’ No Expectations’ by Jagger/ Richards and a traditional spiritual song ‘Wish I’s in Heaven Settin’ Down’

In the song ‘Better on my Own’ , Amanda observes that;

That silver moon has done cast its spell

And pulled you away from our happy home

Baby I guess it’s just as well

I do better when I’m on my own

Well, Amanda is not alone here and is joined by a coterie of musicians that colour the songs with some understated and wonderful playing.

Renowned Producer Tim Lorsch pitches in with violin, cello and mandolin touches and the stellar cast add accordion, pedal steel, organ and guitar across the fourteen songs on display.

 There is much to recommend this fine recording. Check it out and you will not be disappointed.