Soulstack 'Five Finger Discount' - Self-Release

The second release from this interesting outfit who hail from Ontario in Canada. The production is bright, with sweet soulful sounds,  and the playing is loose and funky. Fine keyboard swells mix with crisp drumming and exciting ensemble riffing. I am reminded of Little Feat and the Allman Brothers Band in listening to the workouts and there is an obvious joy in creating this music that comes across in the production. 

They are a strong bunch of players with plenty of talent and the song arrangements run from the slow groove of ‘want you to stay’  to the fine boogie and funky feel of tracks like ‘hangin’ in the kitchen’.

‘Friend’ changes the tempo with a balled on the strength of friendship;

If you find you can’t stand no more

Give me a holler and I’ll give you a hand

So you don’t fall too much farther down

That’s what a friend is for.

The song has some fine understated guitar playing and a beautiful organ part, backed by a strong rhythm section.

There is much versatility across the tracks and the quality never drops or sags in any way. The keyboard and guitar interplay is exciting and lift the song arrangements into a higher gear on tracks like ‘warm bed to sleep ton’ and ‘living room’. The final track in this twelve tune collection is a live version of ‘This May Be the Last Time’ and the Tom Waits vocal mannerisms are just perfect  for the song. I am certainly a convert to the fine brand of musical magic. Recommended.