Randy Rogers Band 'Trouble' - Humphead

Country Rock comin’ at ya - Big & Proud. Texas born Randy Rogers sings it like he means it and he has the perfect voice to carry off these down home n’ dirty tunes. He has been releasing music since 2002 and has a steady flow of recordings to his name. The band on this outing is very impressive and plays tight, rocking arrangements with much finesse and fun. The guitar and fiddle interplay is especially catching as the songs come and go – Fuzzy talks of the hangover from hell while Flash Flood speaks of sudden attraction & love like a tidal wave. Trouble Knows My Name is about living life on the edge and learning on the streets. There is a hoarse, yearning quality to the vocal of Randy Rogers, never more evident than on Don’t Deserve You, supported by a driving beat. Never Got Around To That is a commercial hit if ever there was one in Country music. Had to Give That up Too deals with the eternal dance of drink and women and the sad end when ‘you love it more than it loved me’ ...  Shotgun is a salutary tale of crossing a cowboy and the likely consequences when you do. My copy of this new release carries no information concerning the players here or the production team but all involved do a fine job. Steady as you go, fine stompin’ country music and a solid release