Tim Ash 'Up On Block' - A & M

Twelve tracks on this recording by Tim Ash, a country music artist who has two previous releases to his name. It is a very commercial sound and an attractive recording with the instruments jumping out of the mix in bright bursts. He has a fine vocal to promote these songs of love and loss, faith in the future and believing in yourself. Hard rockin’ songs like Broke have instant appeal, as does Beertropolis, a song that celebrates hard drinking and a chilled attitude. 

There are so many country artists travelling this same road that it becomes hard to find the differentiating factor to separate one from another. All fine singers and players and all touting a new recording; it can get a little crowded in the foyer of the wannabe hotel.

No sense in naming other artists that sound the same, I am sure that Tim Ash has his local following and his regular circuit that can earn him a steady living. I cannot see him as a headline act, but there again; the fact that he gets out and lives his dream is enough.

Nothing too new then, nothing ground-breaking, just steady song-writing, nice arrangements and regular themes that populate such country releases