Steve Mayone/Kristina Stykos 'The Cousins Project' – Thunder Ridge

This pair of singer/songwriters has been making music for a number of years.  Each artist had released four separate recordings over the past decade when they recently met at a music festival. Both realised that they were related as second cousins and this realisation brought the pair to record together.

It is an interesting recording and the different song-writing styles provide a good balance for each of the artists. Stykos has a very distinctive voice and her material has a tendency towards the darker side of the creative muse. She has penned five of the songs here with Mayone writing a further three while the duo collaborate on the balance of five songs; thirteen songs that span 50 minutes and all very democratic.

The playing is excellent and the mix of guitar, mandolin, fiddle and banjo can make for a heady cocktail on some of the song arrangements. Highly recommended.