Ivan Rosenberg 'Oldies & Old Time' – Self Release

This is a very interesting listen. Across thirteen tracks, both original compositions and traditional arrangements, Ivan Rosenberg displays a wonderful feel in the sparse playing on various banjos and resonator guitar.

 Since releasing his first solo album in 2001, Ivan Rosenberg has gained a dedicated following for his independently-produced recordings of melodic, expressive acoustic music on Dobro and claw hammer banjo. Reflective pieces such as Abject Woodchuck and Sloth up a Gum Tree take the listener away to an America, long forgotten in the hills of rural townships, where camp fires burned into the night to warm the migrant workers.

We get inspiring versions of Georgia on my Mind and Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, followed by Maryville Waltz, a wonderful and innovative melody played to perfection on a Clinesmith Resonator Guitar and a Martin D-16; it doesn’t get much better than this..

Tracks such as the standards You Don’t Know Me and the Christmas Song will have their critics as they are such strong favourites, but you have to allow for creative licence and an open ear when being musically challenged. I recommend this release to everybody who likes to indulge in old time songs that breathe new life.