Lee Palmer 'One Take' – Self-Release

Born in New Brunswick, Canada and now a Toronto resident, Lee Palmer is an experienced Blues player who has enlisted some of Toronto’s best players from the folk, country and blues traditions for this debut release.

The ten songs here are taken from a live gig at Canterbury, a village in York County, in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The playing is easy on the ear with a laid back feel. The stripped down arrangements are coloured with some sweet keyboards and backbeat to accompany the guitar playing of Lee Palmer, Elmer Ferrer and Wendell Ferguson.

The decision to cover House of the Rising Sun so early in the live set could perhaps have been avoided and seems to sit uneasily with the rest of the set included here. That apart, the songs are delivered with a steady groove and the closing track That’s All is a good example of the band playing in unison and enjoying the moment.