Gary Hunn 'Breaking Blue' - Alligator Creek

This Australian country singer has released his second album of hardcore country music. There's plenty of fiddle and pedal steel here to firmly place Hunn's self-written songs in the heart of those who love their country honky-tonk honest. Hann co-produced the album in Sydney and Townsville and it sounds like it was recorded in Texas. Hunn has a deep and satisfying voice that is the focus of these tales of woe. He's joined by Peta Cherae who duets on the I'll be better when your gone tale of Out Of My Life. Anywhere In Georgia is dedicated to Gram Parsons who was doubtless a major influence on Hunn alongside many of the old-school masters. 

 Other fairly self-explanatory titles here include Heads You Win, Hard Times A' Coming, Dirty Little World and my personal album favourite Heartaches, Hangovers & Cheating Songs a title which just about says it all really. Again Gary Hann is not stretching the envelope here but then I don't think he particularly wants to. His concern here is more with delivering a crafted song that fits his favourite format.

The production and playing from the local crew is totally sympathetic to the overall aim of the songs. I'm not sure whether radio in Australia is more open than its American midstream counterpart. One can hope that he gets a good response locally but a visit to his site will give you the opportunity to listen and enjoy what Hunn has to offer.