The Show Ponies 'We're Not Lost' - Self-Release

Baby, I'm In Love With You opens this album with a rush of energy fierily fiddle and uptempo drums behind the voices of the two main singers Andi Schrock and Clay Chaney. From then on the acoustic instruments are bolstered by the sturdy percussion. They describe this as indie-folk and it is effective and at times reminds a little of early Avett Brothers (minus the female voice of course). 

There are eleven self-written songs here. Production is by band member Jason Harris and his gives plenty of body to the music. The vocals nicely balanced overall with the two lead singers trading off on the opposites attract theme of Whiskey And Wine with it's "I hate your guts but you got soul" vocal refrain. They are more reflective on a song like Pieces Of The Past where Schrock takes the lead vocal. Another song that considers life options is If I Die Tomorrow a mid-tempo song with banjo and mandolin over a gentle drum pattern. A sound that works well and gives the song an added layer. Schrock also shines on The River a stripped back sound with a thumping percussive element that is slightly unsettling but effective as part of the overall sound.

This band, now based in California, have brought something different to the music by making Kevin Brown's percussion a fundamental element in the sound and overlaying the acoustic instruments on top. A concept that goes right back to early folk-rock but, at this stage, sticking with the acoustic instrumentation rather than adding amplification. In a area where most folk/old tyme influenced bands do not use drums this gives the sound an edge. But aside from that the playing and vocals skills on display are equally note worthy.

From the sleeve this would appear to be a crowd funded project so all involved with getting the album out should be pleased with the result and all will know that the Show Ponies are indeed not lost in direction but are sometimes, hopefully, lost in the music.