Outdoor Boogie 'Self-Titled' - Sepia Tones Records.

This is country rock played with enthusiasm and a smile. Jewels & Johnny Nation are the two musicians behind all but one of the ten songs here. They play a simple guitar sound with harmonica and percussion adding to the grooves. Vocally they are very complimentary and the easy shuffle of Highway 27 captures their sound perfectly.

They used to perform in California circles under the name of City Fritter but have decided to perform as themselves these days. There are some blues elements in the music but mainly it is a journey through the lightness of upbeat arrangements, produced, engineered & mixed by Fulton Dingley (Kula Shaker, Susan James, The High Llamas). 

Outdoor Boogie and Blues in the Morning show off the guitar playing of Johnny Nation and Winter Rose is a sweet country arrangement with Jewels singing out in a clear and confident voice.  The final track speaks of a night out with friends when you meet that special one, If We’d Have Met When We Were Young; although I get the feeling that it’s autobiographical in tone also.