Haas Kowert Tice 'You Got This' - Self Release

Roots music trio Haas Kowert Tice come together after years of playing on local circuits and crossing paths whenever they could. Brittany Haas played with Crooked Still and Paul Kowert was a member of the Punch Brothers. Jordan Tice lived in the Boston area and played in various collaborations, releasing a solo record in 2012.

Together this trio make a compelling sound across the nine instrumental tracks on show here. The playing is wonderfully loose and right on point as Brittany Haas soars on fiddle, ably supported by strong double bass lines from Paul Kowert and subtle flowing guitar from Jordan Tice. The tunes remind me of the open road where the sights and mood of a motor bike ride in the heartland of the USA is perfectly captured.

Playing off each other in a joyful uplifting swirl of melody and harmony, the tunes seem effortless and free. El Camino and The Switchback Games are two examples of compelling arrangements that highlight each member and their virtuoso playing abilities. However it is the closing song Tell Me Whatcha Gonna Do Now that brings the full package together to a fine conclusion.