The Alt 'Self-Titled' - Under the Arch Records.

Irish Traditional music, mixed with English Folk traditions and played by John Doyle (guitar, bouzouki, mandola), Nuala Kennedy (flutes, whistles) and Eamon O’Leary (guitar, bouzouki). All three members share vocals and the eleven songs are performed with an easy flow and gentle quality that soothes the listener. There are some fine jigs, The Geese in the Bog/ Covering Ground and there are a few reels, The Green Gowned Lass/ Danger Mouse/ Dan Breen’s. Old songs from the archives, The Eighteenth of June, singing of the Battle of Waterloo. A trio of songs that reference the sog-writing craft of Sam Henry with Lovely Nancy, Willie Angler and Finn Waterside. These three experienced musicians are a perfect fit and blend seamlessly together in their ensemble playing and restrained harmonies. The Scottish Gaelic song, Cha Tig Mór Mo Bhean Dhachaigh (Mór, My Beloved Wife will not Return) is a lovely piece of music and a fine example of the delights contained on this recording.