Bob Cheevers 'On Earth As It Is In Austin' - Private Angel

     The title says a lot about the album and Austin based singer/songwriter Bob Cheevers who has recorded this album using his voice and guitar as the central focus in this recording. To add an exta musical element he has brought in a selection of friends who are also, all but one, Austin based. So for each track he brings in one extra player  - mainly acoustic and electric guitar players but also accordion, banjo, fiddle and pedal steel. Familiar names include Bradley Kopp, Chris Cage, Marvin Dykhuis and Chip Dolan. Familiar that is to those who read the credits on Austin recorded albums anyhow.
    The other thing that you immediately notice is summed up in the title of one of his own songs and that is You Sound Just Like Willie. Something that may attract or distance potential listeners. While not phrasing his words as Willie does there is a definite similarity. But set that aside and there are some good songs here among the fifteen included. Notable are My First Rodeo, Snake Oil Man, Falling Hard On Easy Street and Paradise Lost.
     Some may find that, even with the guest players, the tone and pace is very similar throughout. Others may think that if I want Willie I’ll play Willie but that would be to ignore the positive aspects that this album has and that once you get into the mode you find an album that has some fine playing, singing and writing. With that you may wish that all were as it suggests in the title