Red Dog Run 'Red Dog Running' - Self-Release

     An acoustic folk/bluegrass that includes versatile Donna The Buffalo  guitarist Jim Miller alongside the trio of Rosie Newton, Jed Greenberg and Richie Sterns. A guitar, bass, fiddle and banjo quartet who all add their voices to give these songs a attractive vocal blend that is immediately pleasing to the ear.
     What makes them slightly different to some of the many other outfits working in this area is the choice of songs; many not the standard choice of bluegrass. So you get songs like No Lonesome Tune from Townes Van Zandt, Talking Heads’s HeavenLazy Eye by Kathleen Edwards and Black Keys’ Dan Auerback’s When The Night Comes. There are a number of traditional songs alongside other titles and one original Walk Past Your House
     Bluegrass styled bands that cover rock songs are nothing new - think Hayseed Dixie or even Pink Floyd’s The Wall reimagined by Luther Wright and the Wrongs. What makes this album stand out is the power of the voices and the subtlety of the playing which is restrained but thoroughly effective throughout. Their take on the traditional songs Little Girl and The Dreadful Snake, Rainbow Mid The Willows and Jim Jones are all equally effective choices and the use of Sterns and Newton as vocalists, either together or solo gives the material a variety that keeps the performances interesting and make the album such a pleasure.