Darius Rucker ‘Home For The Holidays’ - Hump Head Records.

Darius Rucker first entered my musical world when he played Ireland as support to Brad Paisley a few years back and some where in my photo archives is a shot of them with Darius using a bottle of Guinness to help Brad play some pretty mean slide blues. So when I put this album in the player I wasn’t quite expecting what I got to listen to. 

This is a holiday album that will be around for years. His voice keeps reminding me of both Dean Martin and Nat King Cole and that is some compliment coming from me. But he still has his own unique approach to these songs that lifts them above a simple homage the the “old masters”.

Twelve tracks include many of the old regulars but different enough to deserve lots of listens. Then there are two that Darius was involved in writing that to me have the makings of new standards. What God Wants For Christmas and Candy Cane Christmas are two great new tracks that I’ll be surprised if they don’t get covered in years to come. You’re A Mean One Mr Grinch and Baby It’s Cold Outside with Sheryl Crow are two other tracks that deserve an honourable mention.

This album probably leans a little more to Memphis then Nashville and that suits me fine. It’s a late night, lie on the floor with your head between your speakers and drift away sort of album. Just the sort that I really enjoy.