Pinecastle Artists ‘Christmas In The Smokies’ - Pinecastle Records

Where would we “grassers” be if it wasn’t for Pinecastle Records. They have been my go-to guys for my bluegrass education since I first got bitten by the bug many years ago. This Christmas collection gathers a lorry load for all their finest artists for a bluegrass bonanza of Christmas cheer. 15 great tracks to keep every bluegrass DJ and die hard fan fully enthralled over the holiday season. 

Unfortunately I’m reviewing from a downloaded mp3 album so I don’t have a clue who sings or plays on each of these fine tracks. I do recognise most of the performers but I’m not going to risk my radio reputation by trying to name names. But all the great Pinecastle superheroes are there somewhere in the mix.

You’ve heard all these songs before but to hear them “grassed up” is a special treat for me and a great addition to my seasonal playlist on my radio shows. Plenty of banjo, mandolin, high lonesome tenors, and watertight harmonies to keep the old fans happy and a great way of introducing some new pals to fastest growing musical genre on the planet.

I can’t finish without mentioning the amazing Phil Leadbetter who features here with his friends and who looks like he has kicked his second bout of “The Big C” out of the field and should be out there touting his own album The Next Move when he tours with new Pinecastle recruit Dale Ann Bradley in the new year, so “slainte” and good luck to you Phil in 2015.