Amelia White 'Old Postcard' - White Wolf

Old Postcard was produced and recorded in Nashville,  and though there are touches of pedal steel it is leaning much more to the left than the centre. Producer Mike Poole has gathered together a bunch of independent and like-minded players to support White’s latest album of songs. There’s Ann McCue, Sergio Webb, Pete Finney and Poole himself with may others who have contributed to this rootsy and rounded album.

At its heart is the voice of Amelia White and her and songs. There are three co-written with John Hadley, who has written with and for the likes of David Olney, Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Trisha Yearwood.  Telisha Williams, Anne McCue and Thomm Jutz are others who had a hand in the writing of some of this album’s 11 songs. The opening track Big Blue Sun, Hollow Heart, River of My Dreams  and Get Your Cowboy On are all songs that immediately appeal. The latter has a sense of need for and nefarious thoughts about a bar-room opportunity with a cowboy object of affection.

Poole has fused these songs with some gritty and graphic guitars. They have a layered depth that give the songs a toughness. This would doubtless appeal to those who have loved,  lived and grown with Lucinda Williams. The themes are adult and concern with times that are hard.  White seems to feel that life is hard generally and there is a need to find sunlight where you can. That’s what these songs are about, the people whom you love, lose and learn from.

Not every song is completely lyrically clear and the lack of printed lyrics allows the listener to add their interpretation of the individual songs sense of truth and reconciliation. Suffice it say I like what I hear and, like an old postcard, it is a picture from another place, another time, filled with new memories