Grand Old Grizzly 'Grand Old Grizzly' - Self-Release

This is a rockin’ rootsy, what we used to call trio of the old school, who offer up eleven self-produced songs that are neither particularly subtle or sanitised. Rather, Grand Old Grizzly set out to mark their territory, which in their case is Houston, Texas. While there is nothing brand new here that you haven’t heard before, that doesn’t diminish the fact that you can enjoy it with a tapping toe and a hearty smile. Grizzly have added extras to the studio versions of these song with additional guitars, banjo and pedal steel,  all which make Grand Old Grizzly something of an undiluted pleasure;  a rowdy night in as opposed to seeing the band live at a rowdy night Inn.

The songs are snappy and run from Marvelistic Coward Band’s 2.34 to Indecision’s 4.22, so nothing outstays it’s welcome and the songs are additionally carried by the vocals which are led by guitarist Will Thomas and are impassioned and pivotal. There are hints of punk style crowd choruses that suggest earlier musical affiliations. But there’s as much Old 97s here as there is London Calling. Whatever inspired this trio,  the results speak for themselves. Not that everything is hell for leather as there are pauses for reflection and breath on Lament but they also consider Desperate Times and ways to get round them. This Grand Old Grizzly make give you a hug, but be careful of those claws and that fancy footwork. Either way,  enjoy the dance