Teresa Storch 'Come Clean' - Self Release

This is the third release from a contemporary singer-songwriter who is based in Colorado and has been performing throughout the USA since 2003. Her sound is quite diverse, combining influences from country, folk and soul into a potent blend that makes the eleven tracks here a compelling listen. Recorded over a three year period and using a total of twenty five musicians all told, this has been quite a project to undertake and the final delivery has been well worth the patience and effort. Production by Philip Parker is both sensitive and polished with every song delivered like a fully realised pearl in its own right.

The title track highlights her fine vocal style with some hints of Natalie Merchant in her delivery. With a plea to consider living in an honest and open way, the tone of the album is set. Still speaks of a relationship crisis with pause for reflection while the soulful sound of Make It Last with superb guitar, horns and subtle keyboards eases the listener into the light country swing of Make You Mine.

Sympathy is a lovely song that reflects upon an old friend who has suffered in life ‘those ghosts from your childhood that you never could get past’. Happy Girl is the stand out song with a wonderful feel to the gentle arrangement and a reflective lyric that is drawn from a maturity and self- knowledge.

This World has a Sheryl Crow vibe and is the most commercial song here. Let Me Remember It is a perfect ending to his impressive collection with the simple message to live in the moment. Excellent song arrangements with a variety of instruments blending seamlessly together to deliver music that is both vibrant and rewarding.