The Greenbeans 'Self-Titled' - Self Release

The Greenbeans are a folk duo from Upstate New York featuring brothers Vinny (vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Joe Ferris (vocals, banjo, harmonica). Comparisons to Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and the Avett Brothers are inevitable and this is their first full-length album with a folky sound and a traditional feel to the ten songs here.

Produced by Kenny Siegal (Neko Case, Willy Mason) and recorded at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, New York, the Greenbeans play a range of acoustic instruments with accordion, banjo, fiddle and mandolin featuring regularly. Songs like A Happy Life and Celebration Song have an upbeat tempo and melody. That Would Be So Nice brings a commercial feel to the party with Land Ho also displaying a fine sing-along shuffle that has all the feel of a sea shanty. A debut release to bring plenty of good cheer.