Larkin Poe 'Thick As Thieves' - Edvins Records

Sister act Megan and Rebecca Lovell formed as Larkin Poe in 2010 and released 4 EPs in the same year – one for each of the seasons. A novel idea and one that has led to the release of this 5th EP, titled ‘Thick as Thieves’. My copy comes with a bonus DVD of a concert given in Norway last year and the abiding impression is one of a band right on top of their form.

Larkin Poe have a mainstream sound that encompasses many genres, none of which adequately describe the unique playing and singing talents of these two sisters from Georgia. Both perform in a beautifully realised style with vocal harmonies that swoop and soar in ways that only siblings can achieve. The seven songs on the latest EP are all strong with my initial interest drawn to Fox, a funky jazz tinged workout. Celebrate is a more rock based number with the slow blues of Make It Hurt resonating with a Bonnie Raitt feel. Overall, a strong set from two talented ladies and well worth checking out.

Larkin Poe "Summer", "Fall" & "Winter" Self-Release

The duo of sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell continue the series of season named CD eps with Summer, Fall and Winter both of which like the previous pair highlight the sisters writing, singing and playing. Both play several instruments along side their band of Daniel Kimbro on bass, Mike Seal on electric guitar and piano and Chad Melton on drums. This gives a wide scope to the songs which are at heart built around an acoustic base that references folk, country blues, country with elements of rock, pop-rock, jazz and even reggae. An eclectic mix that sounds more coherent on the actual eps but still one that may be for more open minded listeners and one much more interesting that much of the mainstream pop-country that charts these days. Which means that it's unlikely that Larkin Poe will grace country radio stations playlist anytime in the near future. It is also a way for the duo to get a bigger set of songs out than they would otherwise perhaps have be able to do with a single album. Summer has it's half dozen original songs with an additional trio of live tracks that include a trad song and a version of Massive Attack's Teardrop. On Fall a standout is the slow paced Fall From The Tree which has some memorable atmospheric guitar as part of the sound. Winter finishes the foursome in style with 7 tracks that, while having no obvious thematic links, other than Mindy Lacefield and Annette Munster's cover artwork none-the-less seem to suit their chosen season. Comparisons have been made with the Dixie Chicks and while that makes sense the two bands don't really sound alike. If you like Americana drawing from a lot of sources and with strong female lead and harmony vocals then Larkin Poe will offer you much to enjoy, all year round.

Larkin Poe 'Spring' Edvins

This duo grew out of the Lovell Sisters and after the departure of elder sister Jessica now consists of Rebecca and Megan Lovell and a trio of additional musicians who make up Larkin Poe. The music is loosely defined Americana with touches of both pop and folk. The set subtitled The Spring EP features 9 songs written individually or together and featuring both sisters on vocals. The harmony singing is a key part of the sound which also has adds the sonic textures of lap steel, mandolin, ukulele, banjo to the bass drums and guitar bedrock. The arrangements are full of subtle melodies that stretch out across the songs making it the kind of album that requires attention to get most out of the songs. But, on occasion, songs like The Principle Of Silver Lining the emotional appeal is more direct. They have in their previous incarnation performed with Elvis Costello and the projection of their music to where it is now is undoubtably influenced by that search for craftsmanship and musical adventure. Spring is a first step, one that will have resonance with those who like their music to have some depth and to cross genres listening and looking out for the next adventure.