Larkin Poe 'Thick As Thieves' - Edvins Records

Sister act Megan and Rebecca Lovell formed as Larkin Poe in 2010 and released 4 EPs in the same year – one for each of the seasons. A novel idea and one that has led to the release of this 5th EP, titled ‘Thick as Thieves’. My copy comes with a bonus DVD of a concert given in Norway last year and the abiding impression is one of a band right on top of their form.

Larkin Poe have a mainstream sound that encompasses many genres, none of which adequately describe the unique playing and singing talents of these two sisters from Georgia. Both perform in a beautifully realised style with vocal harmonies that swoop and soar in ways that only siblings can achieve. The seven songs on the latest EP are all strong with my initial interest drawn to Fox, a funky jazz tinged workout. Celebrate is a more rock based number with the slow blues of Make It Hurt resonating with a Bonnie Raitt feel. Overall, a strong set from two talented ladies and well worth checking out.